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    About the document
    This document regulates the relationship with "Combinizona" Ltd (s / n / 405486585), (which is owned by the site WWW.KOMBINIZONAMOMS.GE) and the relationship of users related to it (the site) through this site.Provides information on online purchases, payments, product returns, replacement of defective products, use of this site, subscription, privacy information and cancellation / unsubscription of the site.
    WWW.KOMBINIZONAKIDS.GE - Who we are and how to find us:
    We are a multi-brand of "Combinizona" Ltd., the sub-label of which is "Combinizonamams", our identification number is 405486585, our address is st. Tbilisi, Digomi, Andronikashvili 1a.
    "KOMBINIZONA" is the first unique project of an innovative garment factory and the copyright is protected in accordance with the rules provided by Georgian / international law. You can contact us by email:
    INFO@KOMBINIZONAKIDS.GE .  You can also email us via social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) (whose buttons can be easily found on our site) or call us at +995 577 48 28 88. We are available every day Sundays from 09:00 am to 12:00 pm.
    What does it mean to use our website? 
    By using our website WWW.KOMBINIZONAKIDS.GE you confirm that you agree to the terms of this use and agree to their protection. Your use of the Website means that you browse, select, store, or purchase a variety of products on our Site.
    You have 2 options - you can register on the site, open your personal profile / account, become our subscriber and receive news marketing news.You can also register - which means only providing personal data (email, contact phone, address) so that the site can receive an order, which will then be served by our team, but you will not be on the subscriber list and will not receive permanent discounts, campaigns and updated collections by email / Via SMS.