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    About the document This document regulates the relationship with "kombinizona" Ltd (s / n / 405486585), (which is owned by the site WWW.KOMBINIZONAKIDS.GE) and the relationship of users related to it (the site) through this site. Provides information ABOUT  online purchases, payments, product returns, replacement of defective products, use of this site, subscription, privacy information and cancellation / unsubscription of the site.

    WWW.KOMBINIZONAKIDS.GE - Who we are and how to find us

    We are a multi-brand of "KOMBINIZONA" Ltd., the sub-label of which is "KOMBINIZONAKIDS", our identification number is 405486585, our address is st. Tbilisi, Digomi, Andronikashvili 1a. "Overalls" is the first unique project of an innovative garment factory and the copyright is protected in accordance with the rules provided by Georgian / international law. You can contact us by email:

    INFO@KOMBINIZONAKIDS.GE ISFGEORGIA1@GMAIL.COM, you can also email us via social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) (whose buttons can be easily found on our site) or call us at +995 577 48 28 88. We are available every day Sundays from 09:00 am to 12:00 pm.

    What does it mean to use our website?

    By using our website WWW.KOMBINIZONAKIDS.GE you confirm that you agree to the terms of this use and agree to their protection. Your use of the Website means that you browse, select, store, or purchase a variety of products on our Site. You have 2 options - you can register on the site, open your personal profile / account, become our subscriber and receive news marketing news.

    You can also register - which means only providing personal data (email, contact phone, address) so that the site can receive an order, which will then be served by our team, but you will not be on the subscriber list and will not receive permanent discounts, campaigns and updated collections by email / Via SMS.

    Confidentiality and Cookie Policy

    Our privacy and cookie policies also apply to your use of our website and your use of your personal data. The Privacy and Cookies Policy explains how we use your personal information, including if you sign up for our newsletter and agree to receive marketing communications from us.


    Registration on the site by you

    You can register an account with us, which means that you provide us with all or part of the following information: personal data such as - name, surname, age, status (pregnant, lactation, expectant mother, wish for a friend), email, contact phone. We promise and take the responsibility that we do not pass on the information you provide to outsiders and will only use it to communicate with you to help you order our products faster, help you eliminate deficiencies (if any), keep you informed or provide you with various marketing information if you wish.

    When you create an account, you take responsibility for:

    • The details you provide (eg your name) are real and accurate;

    • You will be notified immediately of any changes to your details by updating those details to your online account;

    • You do not represent another individual and / or do not use any details that you are not authorized to us

    You do not represent another individual and / or do not use any details that you are not authorized to use.

    • We recommend that you keep your account details secure. You must notify us immediately if you become aware of any unusual or unauthorized activity on your account.

     If you do not want to open an account just select "Order without registration" when placing your order.

    Our Liability and Loss Compensation Policy

    Any type of damage that will be caused due to malfunction of the site, our (Combinizona Ltd. / WWW.KOMBINIZONAMOMS.GE) incorrect logistics, irresponsible communication, defective goods that are not subject to replacement, will not be available in stock, or for any reason, We will fully reimburse the argument before you in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.You, in turn, are obliged to provide us with immediate and timely information in case of similar problems, unscrupulous feedback.

    We reserve the right to disclaim liability only in cases where the products purchased from us are confirmed to be delivered to the customer / subscriber and exceed the obligations imposed on us (in terms of delivery, product reliability, quality, communication, pricing, enrollment, packaging, security


    Return Policy

    Any item purchased online at our site WWW.KOMBINIZONAMOMS.GE does not meet your expectations, and the item, which has a label and harmless packaging - is subject to return within 24 hours of purchase. For this, not more than 24 hours after the purchase, you must inform our courier, you must write to us at the official e-mail INFO@KOMBINIZONA.GE or call us on the contact mobile - 577 48 28 88/599 485788 and make a return application. Otherwise, the item will not be subject to return, The full amount you paid for the product will be refunded to you within 3 working days from the notification to the bank account you specified. There are two systems for returning items. It just comes down to what type of courier service you use. You can choose the desired option before making a purchase. For information on purchasing and returning the item, see the menu on the link "Purchase / Return"

    Material Use and Copyright Policy

    Please note that any visual, textual material used on our website WWW.KOMBINIZONAKIDS.GE is copyrighted and is the property of Kombinizona Ltd. Also, in the personal archive of influencers, we have the written consent of the relevant persons for their use and their use by any outside (third) person is subject to a financial penalty, which is set by the legal department of "Combinzona" Ltd. on an individual basis.

    Please do not use our materials without our agreement / agreement with bloggers / influencers, as the unintended use of our site / social media content will result in a minimal loss of five times the value of the stolen content and / or ten times the hourly rate of participating individuals.

    1.2. We try our best to protect our site WWW.KOMBINIZONA.GE from cyber-attacks, viruses. However, unfortunately, we can not provide 100% protection of the site, site code from viruses, which may harm our users against our wil

    Therefore, please do not use our site for illegal purposes, do not upload viruses, do not try to change the code, as this will harm other users as well. Since it is impossible to anticipate unforeseen events, please provide your system (from which you enter the site) virus protection software yourself, otherwise we will not be able to reimburse your loss.

    We can not guarantee that our site will operate systematically in one mode, possibly due to updates, replacements or any other internal reasons, periodic shutdowns, changes, or any type of interruption that you will be aware of, however there may be interruptions that will be unforeseen Case and in this case, we warn in advance that we will not be liable for damages, if any

    Legal status of this document

    The terms and conditions set forth in this document constitute a binding agreement for the use of the site legally certified by KOMBINIZONAKIDS, the relationship with the site and the execution of all its components, and will automatically enter into force upon registration by the user.